Raiders of Oakhurst

The adventurers team up to rid the town of what they thought was just a few kobolds....

From diffferent backgrounds, different lands, they came together to put down the evil in Oakhurst. Eilos, Theren, Hadarai, and Zenith. First there were 4.

Oakhurst is a small village, in northeastern Seydor. It has put out a plea for help against kobold raiders that have been plagueing its outlying farms. But as the adventurerer’s uncover more, they find that the Kobolds have been answering the call of their dragon queen. The PC’s travel through perilous lands to reach her, and when they do, they promptly slay her, and Oakhurst is saved.

DM: This was a pre-made module i found, something nice to open up the campaign with, just some combat encounters to get them roling with their new characters. The PC’s went from lvl 1-2 in Oakhurst.



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