Town Under Siege: Fenheim

As the PC’s were leaving Oakhurst, they met up with a stout and fierce dwarf, by the name of Throckmorton. Before he could finish his pint o’ mead, he was recruited, and the party was off, down the old road to Fenheim.

When they reached the town, it was if it was a fortress. Soldiers and mercenenaries bustled about, working to build defenses. The PC’s soon learned that an incoming goblin attack was coming, and soon they had joined in on the task of reinforcing the town. By daybreak the next day, the battle had begun, the goblin drums beating a slow intimidating beat. But it proved worthless, the goblins were routed quickly by the defending forces, and the PC’s distinguished themselves above the rest when they defended the southern entrance of the town against the fiercest onslaught, and managed to slay the leader in the process.

But the goblins had gotten away with a few of the villagers before they had retreated, and soon the PC’s were on their trail. After following a trail of goblin corpses, the party had a run in with several groups of maurading orcs, which lead them to a cave in which the last of the villagers were captured. With traps-a’-pleanty, they made their way through the empty caverns, until the final room, where they fought the eveil wizard Meldof, who had been using foul magic on the villagers, turning them into his evil experiments. After much summonign and killing of skeleton minions, Meldof was slain, and the PC’s learned from a note on his person that he was under direct orders from his master…..

DM: This was a pre-made module that I tweaked and rewrote, mainly chopping it up and screwing it together to fit the storyline. This is the first inkling the PC’s get of their soon-to-be antagonist. The PC’s went from lvls 2-4 in Fenheim.



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